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Watch “[푸마] PUMA Women | #DoYou with NANA” on YouTube

Ayoo share dan tonton video NANA x PUMA sebanyak mungkin! Ini kesempatan Nana untuk GO INTERNASIONAL! 


Let’s spread the NaWon Shipper Vyrus!!!

Hello, welcome to this blog!!!

Yeah, this blog was made to publish Siwon-Nana Fanfiction, and some news about them.

Maybe you wonder, why Siwon-Nana?

Choi Siwon => Ranks 2 as The Most Handsome Faces 2014 by TC Candler

Im Nana => Ranks 1 as The Most Beautiful Faces 2014 by TC Candler

Beside that, they match each other, you can check by clicking these links:

Siwon-Nana, NaWon??? Why???

Siwon-Nana History Part 1

Siwon-Nana History Part 2

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Siwon-Nana, NaWon??? Why???

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Nana’s ideal type:

Nana doesn’t like bad boys

Siwon is known in SJ as the most gentlemen and cool guy. He is overall the perfect gentleman, uses a lot of polite hand gestures while speaking, which has been pointed out by members and tv hosts serveral times.


Nana likes modern guys, the best would be those who are suitable in wearing different kind of styles.

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