Siwon Facts

Choi Siwon Facts



  • shibrows – due to him showing his expressions through his eyebrows when not using hand gestures


  • shisus – due to his strong belief in God
  • simba
  • horsey



Siwon was born and raised in a strict Protestant family in Seoul.

He has a younger sister, Choi Jiwon.

Siwon is known in SJ as the most gentlemen and cool guy.


Siwon is really popular in Thailand,he is called the prince of thai.

He is also called Horse because he runs very fast.

Siwon would go to his hyungs after a show (especially heechul n kangin) and asking for kisses from them to show that he did a great job!

Siwon is also well know for his weird body language.he puts up 3 fingers to say bye instead all 5. ^ ^,

It took siwon 4 years to build the body he has now, unlike heechul, he gave up after 2 weeks of diet.


At first siwon’s dad declined Siwon in the entertainment industry.but now he never misses a concert! ^ ^,

Siwon is scared of yesung, because yesung said that he loves Siwon’s lips the most because its long and sexy!

He is Super Junior′s ′bodyguard′.

Siwon once went inside the wrong car. The car was the same brand and color as his. He was so shocked, he ran away.

Siwon began taking private singing, dancing, and acting lessons a few months after the SM audition.

The richest member in super junior.

Siwon always bring his Montblanc pen, Blackberry, Anycall phone, vaio notebook, book( in chinese, korean, english ) and a notebook. Without all those stuffs complete in his bag, Siwon will not go out from his house. Almost all Siwon’s stuffs are black coloured.

In shows,when Kyuhyun’s going to make some prank with his hyungs, Shindong and Siwon always accompany him.

The first time siwon hold a girl’s hand was in Elementry grade 5 when he’s on church meetings.

Siwon’s favorite season is spring.

“Siwon is the most handsome and sexiest member of the group.” – Leeteuk


Siwon loves to ask and wants to know about everything.

Siwon always believe his God. And he prays every morning.

Siwon likes to play basketball and taekwondo.


The music instrument that Siwon likes is drum.

Siwon likes to eat waffles.

There was a time when Siwon was really obsessed with photography. Even Leeteuk and Eunhyuk agreed with it.

Siwon continued his education after his debut with Super Junior in 2005. He graduated from Hyun Dae High School in February 2006 and later went on to attend Inha University.

Siwon’s favourite numbers are 1 and 7.

Siwon likes perfumes.

Siwon’s favourite colours are Black and white.

He chooses what he wants to buy quickly when he’s shopping.

When a problem occurs, he prays.

“I think men should be strong, but weak.” – Siwon

The most important thing is Love, Success comes second, and the last is money.

His father is his role model in his life.

In 2003 when Siwon was 16, he was scouted by a talent agent and was recommended to audition for The Starlight Casting System to be an entertainer.

Siwon is also a drummer, having performed with his senior label mates TRAX in September 2006 on SBS’s music show Popular Songs.

Siwon’s dad is very strict,once siwon was working at a gas station who the father’s knowledge,then he actually served his dad once!

Lastly,Siwon is also known for his eyebrow trademark! known as the “ShiBrows” He can make various pose with it.

If he was going to propose, he wants to do it like his dad. He wants to propose in the very same church.

He has the ‘Best Super Model of the Year’, ‘Sexiest Guy In Korea’ award


He was once saved by Andy Lau when he was filming Battle of Wits’. Andy saved him from walking face forward down a cliff, becoming both his rescuer and savior.

He is also one of the first four Korean artists to be on Chinese postage stamps

He is overall the perfect gentleman.


uses a lot of polite hand gestures while speaking, which has been pointed out by members and tv hosts serveral times.

has a nail biting habit

Women see a very cool and serious gentleman but the members have revealed another side to Siwon.

he loves skinships

his big breakthrough was in 2006, when he got a part in the chinese historical action drama “A battle of wits”.

says that his weakness is that he is rarely satisfied with what he does. There always seems to be something missing.

his favorite dance track is Don’t Don.

He has a strong belief in God. He wants fellow member Heechul (athiest) to come to church.

likes learning Chinese from Hangeng

his one wish is for everyone to remember his name

wants to be remembered as a good actor, a great singer and a nice person

his rolemodels are Leeteuk, Kangin, Heechul, Eunhyuk & Shindong. He envies their talent with words.

On 18th May 2010, Siwon underwent a surgery to remove his inflamed salivary gland. During the filming for SBS drama ‘Oh My Lady’, he has been taking anti-inflammatory medicine for the inflammation. However, his condition worsened and he had to undergo an operation for it

Story: During the holidays while he was in highschool, he worked in a gas station without telling his parents. On his 4th day on the job, he said normally to every customer, “please draw your window down” in the car that he was supposed to serve.  The man that was in the car was his father. He quit his job the next day.

Siwon selalu main Film dengan Noona2. mari kita lihat satu2.

  1. Pada Film Legend of Hyan Dyang, Siwon (kelahiran 86) ber akting dengan Seo Ji Hye (kelahiran 1984)
  2. Pada Drama Oh My Lady, Siwon berakting dengan ChaeRim (Kelahiran 1979)
  3. Pada Drama Poseidon Siwon berakting dengan Si Young (Kelahiran 1982), meskipun masih kelihatan 20 an
  4. Pada Drama Skip Beat Siwon berakting dengan Ivy Chen (Kelahiran 1982)

Meskipun main dalam 13 Drama dan Film, Siwon hanya satu kali menerima penghargaan. yaitu new star award (2010) untuk Film Oh My Lady.

Fakta2 Tentang Twitter Siwon :

  1. Adalah orang pertama Korea yang pernah mencapai 1 juta Follower
  2. Sering tweet dengan bahasa inggris
  3. Beberapa kali pernah menyapa / me-reply Agnes Monica
  4. Siwon duluan yang Follow Agnes Monica
  5. Sering DM an dengan Agnes Monica
  6. Siwon di Follow oleh penulis terkenal Paulcello.
  7. Siwon juga di Follow beberapa artis Taiwan/Asia Terkenal seperti Vannes Wu dan Andy Lau
  8. Siwon pernah sekitar january 2010 tiba2 mengunfollow semua orang, dan mulai follow balik satu2 beberapa jam kemudian
  9. Siwon pernah saling Follow Stella Kim, Lalu sekitar agustus/ september mereka berdua saling Unfollow
  10. Bdengan Siwon, tapi dia tidak pernah mengungkapkan profil maupun foto. Dia mengaku teman dan Fans Siwon. Siwon sering tweet ke Stacy Lee. begitu sebaliknya.
  11. Siwon sering tweet kelihatan galau/broken heart saat syuting Poseidon
  12. Siwon pernah ramai di twitter gara2 dia foto di  tweet siwon memiliki backround sama (tepaknya bedcover sama) dengan foto yang di tweet Stella.

Siwon  pergi dengan Ibu nya ke Thailand untuk keperluan Promosi Acer

Siwon pernah pergi dengan Ayahnya ke Baby Fair (yang mungkin di promosikan oleh Perusahaan ayahnya Siwon)

Siwon cukup tertutup untuk masalah privasi keluarganya, misal:

  1. Siwon belum pernah pose dengan keluarganya di publik
  2. Saat ke Thailand bersama Ibunya, Ibu Siwon sengaja berjalan duluan di depan bersama Staff, tidak berjalan bersama Siwon
  3. Siwon sering speechless dan tidak nyaman jika ditanya soal keluarga dan kekayaan keluarganya.

Tipe cewek idola Siwon:

  1. Pertama, si cewek harus seiman, alias agama nya Kristen sama kaya Siwon.
  2. Rambutnya indah, panjang, ikal bergelombang
  3. Siwon mau ceweknya cuma cinta ama dia.
  4. Cewek anggun dan elegant.
  5. -Matanya indah dan cemerlang jadi waktu Siwon menatap mata si cewek, hatinya bisa bergetar.

When Siwon was scouted by the SC System in 2003, but his parents disapproved of him pursuing an entertainment career. The parents finally allowed Siwon to sign a contract under SM, but his father said that he would not give any help to his son.

Siwon’s Gesture Guide:

  • 2 hands: Shy, embarassed, or declining
  • 1 hand:  it’s alright
  • 3 fingers: his way of saying hi (uses 3 fingers instead of 2, since it looks “stiff”)
  • Praying hand (but not really praying. so basically 2 hands together) :Thankful






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