Nana For Esquire Magazine 2013 October Issue Interview

Nana For Esquire Magazine 2013 October Issue


Nana on her promoting as AS & OC member

“Promoting as both After School member & Orange Caramel member is a difficult task for me. Today I dance and sing like a powerful woman who seems to be able to take over the world, like Jeanne d’Arc. But the the next day, I have to transform into a childlike character and do a lot of aegyo. At first I cried a lot, because there’s no Orange Caramel in my imagination of my singer career. Before the first broadcasting(of OC), I couldn’t go outside with performing costume on.
Now I got used to it. After School’s Nana and Orange Caramel’s Nana is the same person. It’s great since Orange Caramel received more love than expected[…]”

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Nana on her teenage years.

“I had no idea what ambition is. I didn’t even have a goal. In fact, I just lived without knowing what should I live for. There’s a saying: “The fool wanders, a wise man travels”. I didn’t wander and I didn’t travel neither. So what was I? Am I just no one? I can’t get why I lived like that.

Even when I lived like that, I do have interest in becoming celebrity. Because I was tall and slim, I thought of becoming a model. But right then, I happened to know After School, a powerful/strong group that really stood out from other girl groups at that time. And for the first time ever, I have a goal, which is to be able to stand on stage with a powerful image (like AS).”

Because for the first time I became amibitious, I feel like I’ve change. Of course I’m scared. My friends were also worried about me. But people like it. These days I’m more famous in Japan than in Korea. Tbh, I both love and hate this side of me ( a celeb ).


Nana on her future

“I don’t want to graduate from After School. I want to keep promoting and releasing albums with After School and Orange Caramel in my 20s. In my 30s, I want to challenge something different from what I have done. Maybe jobs related to skin care or make-up. AT THAT TIME I want to be known as my real name Im jinah, not After School’s Nana anymore.”







Full interview (in Korean) credit to leejohnyeah

Trans by zjnzjn via ASDaisuki



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